Importance of parent/guardian support

Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children.

At Wakaba, we strongly encourage parents/guardians to take an active interest in Kendo, and be present at the Dojo during the practice. It is the general admissions policy of the Britannia Leisure Centre that "any children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult" (c.f. Britannia Leisure Centre" General Standard Operating Procedure, p.8).

While we take all precautions in maintaining the highest safety and child protection standards, parents/guardians should not take safety for granted, or treat the Dojo as a child-minding service. Instructors and coaches at Wakaba Kendo Club can only look after the children within the Dojo during the practice hours. It is the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians to look after the children before and after the practice and we emphasise that parents/guardians do not neglect their responsibilities as we will not be responsible for any incidents that may occur outside of the Dojo or outside of the practice hours. In particular, taking the children to and from the Dojo is the minimum responsibility of parents/guardians.

We also invite parents to take active interest in the running of the Dojo. Please speak to club management on how you may be able to participate.

Parental Consent

By allowing your child to participate in a kendo practice at Wakaba, it is assumed that you are giving consent for your child to:

  • Receive first aid or medical treatment following injury or illness.
  • Be photographed as part of the normal record of activities and achievements of students at the club. Please note that occasionally pictures are also used for promotion purposes, such as the club website.
  • Receive assistance in the donning, removal or adjustment of armour/protective clothing, if necessary.

Please advise us in writing if any of the above are not acceptable to you.