Equipment Price

For under 18 years old

  • Shinai

    First Shinai £15.00 (Shinai + Tsuba + Tsuba-dome) + £17 Bag
    From the second shinai, please ask at the dojo
  • Bougu rental

    £15 per term + deposit £70
    Rental fee is payable annually starting from April.
    If the equipment officers think that the Bougu is unreasonably damaged, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit.

For adult beginner

Shinai purchase: You can purchase from Wakaba. Price varies. Please ask at the dojo.

Bougu purchase: At some stage you need to have your own set of armour. At this time please speak to our equipment officer. You need precise measurements for each item when ordering. Items can be order as a complete set or as individual parts.

Online UK Kendo Shops:

If we have some second-hand armour, it may be purchased depending on size.

We may also take your armour as a donation.