Health and Safety

Child protection policy

Wakaba Kendo Club has signed up to and complies with the BKA's Child Protection Policy

For the purpose of Wakaba's dojo policy, a child is any person under 18 years of age.

Children's practice is organised and supervised by qualified coaches who have completed BKA Coach Level Two, with the practice methods monitored and approved by the chief instructor.

Because kendo is a physical activity that involves direct contact, we make a conscious effort to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment where children can develop and enhance their physical and social skills. Everybody involved in Wakaba is aware that abuse, whether physical, psychological or sexual is wrong, severely damages children and must be confronted.

For the purpose of safety and child protection, instructors and coaches are aware of the requirement not to spend excessive time alone with children away from others, without the full consent and knowledge of other instructors. Even when there is a need for children to practice separately, the practice will be organised and supervised by at least two instructors or coaches. When there is a need for children to move from one section of the venue to another, say, from the main sport hall to the dance studio, again children will be escorted through by at least two instructors or coaches.

However we also encourage parents and guardians to be present during the practice so that they are aware of the nature of the practice and can support their child. Instructors and coaches cannot always supervise events in the changing rooms and toilets, in particular during the practice time. While it is our policy to ensure that children are supervised during toilet trips, in reality we often have to ask parents to escort the child. Again parents/ guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children.

(Police registration - to be cleared through the BKA by the end of the year.)

Confidentiality - Wakaba Kendo Club takes care in treating personal information in a careful and sensitive manner. For example, we take as much care as possible to ensure that images of children are not taken by camera and video without the consent of the parents. Please note that from time to time children are photographed as a record of events and may be used for the purpose of promotion of the club. If you object to this, please state it clearly in the Membership Agreement form.

First Aid

All full time contracted staff at the Britannia Leisure Centre are First Aid Work qualified. Also Britannia Leisure Centre provides First Aid boxes in the following areas:

  • First Aid room
  • Reception
  • Fitness Centre
  • Poolside

Fire and evacuation awareness

Britannia Leisure Centre is fully equipped with fire fighting equipment. In case of fire or if the fire alarm is sounded, instructors/coaches will instruct participants to stop the practice. In the event of a false alarm, the Britannia Leisure Centre will make a clear public address announcement, and the practice activity can resume. In the event of an actual fire, an evacuation message will be announced by the Britannia Leisure Centre.

The escape routes in case of emergency are as follows:

  • Sports Hall: exit through the nearest set of any of the four sets of emergency exit doors in the sports hall
  • Squash courts: exit through the doors located at the end of the squash court central corridor
  • Lounge: exit through main entrance doors at reception or through doors in the lounge directly into the car park
  • Changing room: exit through the main reception or through the squash court exit route

The muster point is the main car park. Please follow the instructions of the staff of the Britannia Leisure Centre.