Fee structure

Practice Fee for under 18 years old

  • Annual practice fee starting from April to June: £100 / July: £90 / Aug: £80 / Sep: £70 / Oct: £60 / Nov: £50 / Dec: £40 / Jan: £30 / Feb: £20 / Mar: £10

    For more than one child from the same family, the annual fee is reduced. The 2nd child 75%, The 3rd child 50%.

    The fees for lessons during the school holidays are included.

    If you hire your armour from wakaba annual Bougu rent is £45 (based on £15 per term) and a returnable deposit (£70) is required at the beginning.

  • OR £5 per session (if you have a specific reason for not paying annually)

The fee is mainly to cover the hire of the venue. The remainder of the fee goes towards purchasing necessary equipment and stationery, to register Wakaba with the British Kendo Association, etc. Unfortunately, refunds are not given except in the most exceptional circumstances.

Practice Fee for over 18 years old

£5 per session or annual fee at the same rate as under 18 members

Family Discount

For more than one member from the same family, the annual fee is reduced. The 2nd member 75%, from the 3rd member 50%.

BKA (British Kendo Association) Annual membership

It is your responsibility to join the BKA. It is necessary to join the BKA to be covered by insurance for both your own and your practice partner's injuries. The BKA forbids anybody to practice Kendo if they are not covered by the BKA insurance. This insurance covers injuries in the Dojo (the practice venue) only, and both parties involved in the incident have to be members of the BKA.

For complete and up to date details of BKA membership fees please check the BKA website.

Membership requires every year. It is your responsibility to renew your membership.

The BKA membership booklet is needed for specific events, like gradings and competitions, in addition to it's use as a proof of membership.