Equipment Price

For under 18 years old

  • Shinai

    £15.00 (Shinai + Tsuba + Tsuba-dome)
    From second shinai, children can purchase a shinai as £10.00
  • Shinai bag

  • Training wear

    Rental £10.00 size exchangeable up to the age of 18 years.
  • Bougu rental (armour)

    £15 per term + deposit £70
    The fee should be paid together with the practice fee.
    Deposit will be collected before rental.
    If the equipment officers think that the Bougu is unreasonably damaged, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit.

For adult beginner

  • Shinai set

    From £27.00 (Shinai + Tsuba + Tsuba-dome)
  • Shinai bag

  • Training wear

    Can be purchased from Euro Kendo or Nine Circles

Some sets of armour are available from our club but have to be returned to Wakaba storage after each session.

Bougu purchase: At some stage you need to have your own set of armour. At this time please speak to our equipment officer. Most reasonable adult armour will be £600 from Japan and you need precise measurements for each item when ordering. Items can be order as a complete set or as individual parts. Bougu can be purchased from Euro Kendo or Nine Circles.

If we have some second-hand armour, which may be purchase dependant on stock and size.

You will find reasonable armour sets on the internet but as always be aware of size and quality issues. We do not recommend, but it is your choice.

We may also take your armour as trade-in.